Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Eoin Morgan keen to play red ball Cricket again for Middlesex

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Well after a week when Yorkshire learned that Adil Rashid does NOT want to play red ball Cricket  Middlesex are made aware that Eoin Morgan does! So this certainly does come down to personal choice, and the fact that Morgan has not been picked for the IPL 2018 certainly must have some bearing on the matter. Middlesex fixtures  are similar to Yorkshire (and every other county) 

So, England's ODI games are in the middle of the season but only for six weeks, the rest of the season Morgan (and Rashid for that matter) should be available to play. So I am really not sure that Rashid has got this right for 2018, another season could be different, a lot does depend on when England play their ODI's and this season it is all in one block. Not two blocks as it usually is.

Will Middlesex be that interested? Well it would appear that Nick Compton 34 has been told that the county are going to be rebuilding to get promotion back to Div 1 and will be looking at the new younger players. Morgan is 31 and he admits himself a slow starter at red ball and not that good at it! Obviously he has skills that he should be able to bring to the game, and now wants to play, so it will interesting to see if he is picked. 

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