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Adil Rashid's decision to only play white ball Cricket splits opinion

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Yorkshire have announced that the new contract for 2018 for Adil Rashid will only be for white ball one day Cricket. This will mean he will not play in any County Championship game this summer. England's Trevor Bayliss has been reported as saying he is happy with that decision, so you could conclude from that he is not in their plans to play for England either. Rashid has said that this is for 2018 only and "will see how things go" 

The backlash from Yorkshire Supporters in particular as you might expect has been harsh. Most have still not forgiven him for missing the vital end of season decider against Middlesex shown live on Sky TV in September 2016. That was said to be for personal reasons. The reason now is that he said that playing early in the season, he would be playing because "he had to" and would be going through the motions.

Well is that a good excuse? lets look in more detail at the fixtures.

Now the new season's fixture list means Yorkshire play the following number of Championship matches in these months, if he is not picked to play red ball for England then he should be available for the following Championship games.

April - 3  Available
May - 2   Available
June - 2  Not Available
July - 1 Available
August - 2 Available
September - 4 Available

England play the bulk of their ODI's this summer against Australia and India from 10th June until 17th July, so by my reckoning he would actually only miss TWO County games in June and could be available for the other 12! 

Other counties will now be looking over their shoulder at other England white ball players that are unlikely to get into the Test side. Obviously the England captain leads the way Eoin Morgan the prime example. Other players in this sort of category include Plunkett and Willey also from Yorkshire. Two others could be Hales and Buttler. No suggestion of course that these players will follow suit, they really shouldn't because I don't think the public particularly like Morgan for this, and I am sure that Yorkshire supporters are not happy with Rashid. 

Rashid not picked in the IPL this year and also not a 100% certain pick for the ODI Team has been careful to say this decision is only for 2018. If he where to lose his place in the England one day side then potentially he would only play a handful of games for Yorkshire and that would be that. He is available for just 26 days this summer for his county. 

Obviously Yorkshire supporters are not that impressed. Some supporters saying "Play when you are told to, or leave" I think his excuses are poor myself, will this give him a better chance of playing Test Cricket? Don't think it will. How can it? Is the fixture list a poor excuse, I think it is. I am not sure he is certain about this decision either, due to the fact he has said "lets see how it goes"  Ok Lets. 

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