Saturday, 18 November 2017

BT Sport Commentary Team poised to start new era in Cricket Broadcasting

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As ever the public don't get a lot of say in how top sport is beamed into their homes. The first Test Match to be shown on Sky Sports was way back in 1980, and they have had it all their own way since then. Building up a great commentary team. They will however be back in the Summer of 2018 where there is another busy summer of England Cricket fixtures.

BT Sport have to somehow start on the ground running. They have to try and get their own style, but of course how much new style can you bring to a Cricket match? They have a few ideas to try out on us, including a critical 3rd man, rather than Sky's analytical 3rd man.

So the 7 strong team who don't need any introduction are. Michael Vaughan, Ricky Ponting, Geoff Boycott, Graham Swann, Adam Gilchrist, Damien Fleming and the 1st full time female Test Commentator Alison Mitchell. In the studio will be Matt Smith. I expect google will see the question How old is Geoff Boycott a few times over the next couple of months, well I just tried it myself, 77 years young. Some love him some hate him. I like him myself. 

Sky let this competition go because of the time difference, low take up of viewers simply because it is not easy to tune in all night, even I, retired and pretty keen will struggle to stay up for many nights in a row. I expect with their new Sky Cricket channel as the competition gets nearer they are wishing they had the rights.

England have had a pretty good warm up, most batsman getting some runs, and most bowlers getting some wickets, the proof of course will be on the night of Wed/Thur when the test starts officially on 23rd Nov at Midnight.

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