Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Michael Vaughan Slams ICC Marketing for poor Champions Trophy Crowds

No real shocks for me, the ICC just have no idea when it comes to selling tickets, the complete farce in India in 2012, and now this. 

Questions, Why were only three venues chosen? Well cheaper for the ICC to just use three venues is the answer. All about money....again. The tickets were very expensive, speaks for itself. 

Very poor balloting system genuine fans applying for tickets and not getting them. Touts applying for hundreds of tickets and of course winning them. Michael Vaughan says, "I believe there were only 300 seats left for England v New Zealand but 4000 did not turn up, that worries me" 

Well it should do, pretty obvious the tickets were not sold to true fans that intended to attend. But with the tickets at £30 and £40 a head they must have been on resale sites for a good deal more than that

True the weather has not helped, and I think that certainly did have some part to play. 

The worry now with the England v Pakistan Semi Final in Cardiff (clearly the worst attendances of the three venues, no real shocks there is there really) is that the authorities have somehow worked a very large proportion of tickets have actually been sold to Indian fans. Glamorgan Chief Executive Hugh Morris has said "We sold that match out a couple of months ag0 (The semi final) A lot of the buyers are Indian about 38%"


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