Thursday, 29 June 2017

Dedicated Sky Cricket Channel and others to start 18th July 2017

Sky Sports are to revamp the way they sell their Sports Channels. As blogged last week Sky Sports will have dedicated channels for Football, Cricket, Golf and F1. There will also be Sky Sports Main Event and two other channels plus Sky Sports news that they can show anything else. Nine Channels in Total This will change automatically on your Sky Box on July 18th, if you already subscribe for all channels, nothing will change and the subscription cost will remain fixed for 12 months. 

The new channel Line up will be 

401 Sky Sports Main Arena
402 Sky Sports Premier League
403 Sky Sports Cricket
404 Sky Sports Golf
405 Sky Sports F1
406 Sky Sports Action
407 Sky Sports Arena
408 Sky Sports News

The cost is £27.50 for all channels. However the big change will be for those that do not want to pay for all channels they can pick and choose packages. Sky Sports Cricket on its own for instance will be £16. A package with two channels will be £22 and three £26. Go to your Subscription page on your Sky Account for further information. 

This has been marketed as a scheme to help those that want to watch just one channel. It will also give the company more information as to what the public want and expect. When you sum up that for 3 channels its £26 you might as well get the lot. But as we all know the cost of Sky TV and BT TV start to add up. The cost to the consumer is ridiculous, and the cost of a premiership footballer is ridiculous as well. But it has all been created by the price war, and the millions of pounds (Billions now!) that the companies agree to pay to get control. They are reaching a lot of people's limit, or should I say they have GONE OVER a lot of people's limit. And the bubble is at full stretch!  

Sky Cricket does have excellent all round content, but domestically this season (including England games) with the loss of the Ashes to BT Sport then unless you like watching India, South Africa, Sri Lanka and the likes, play each other (does anyone have time to watch these games?) or the Big Bash then you are going to have a bit of a break in what you will see on Sky this winter . So with the domestic season to end in September and not really returning until May 2018, I can't see many subscribing to just the Cricket to be fair. 

Main Domestic Cricket Fixtures and Premiership Fixtures on TV can be found on this homemade fixtures spreadsheet 

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