Tuesday, 2 May 2017

BCCI seem to be going to write a letter to the ICC with threats to leave all competitions.

If you have been following this story then you will know that the break down of ICC pot of money has not gone India's way. After a 13-1 Vote (no guesses on the one) in favour of the new split of cash it left the BCCI with 293 Million USD which is just over half of the 570 Million USD they used to get. There has since been a revised offer of an additional 100 Million but that wasn't gratefully received and we are currently at stand off with the Indian Cricket board playing a game of chicken with the International Cricket Council. 

The complicating factor is that the BCCI have not named their squad for the forth coming ICC Champions Trophy which is only for the top 8 countries which will be held in England starting June 1st, clearly the clock is ticking. But to be fair, the Indian Cricket board are more than used to last minute decisions it is what we have all come to expect. With their poor handling of venues and tickets for the T20 World Cup in 2015 the Indian public are used to one battle or another that they always seem to find themselves in. Normally it's a last minute reprieve from the courts or something and everything goes ahead, albeit they have messed everyone around, spectators mostly. No different here. 

So the next meeting of the BCCI is 7th May and it was thought they would either name a squad then or would have no choice but to pull out. But it appears they are going to have one last gasp effort to try and get more money. But are India in such a great position? Well no they are not, with the vote clearly made, and it couldn't be more clearer, they have no other country batting for them at all. They also stand to lose a huge amount.

If they were to withdraw it would almost certainly mean they would in effect be leaving the ICC for the whole of the next cycle which is 2017 to 2023. So they would be unable to take part in any other ICC tournaments which include The ICC U19 World Cup in New Zealand 2018. ICC Women's World Cup 2018 and the full men's World Cup also in England in 2018. It would also effect the 2023 World Cup in India. 

But ALSO it would effect the overseas players participation in the IPL as effectively a non ICC nation then the overseas players might not be granted the clearance to play, which would be huge. So there is a lot at stake here. I think as there is so much at stake the BCCI will have to climb down, but they are a stubborn lot and this could well escalate. So a Letter on its way it would seem. I suppose they are expecting a public reply, because so far the ICC have not said a great deal, this letter will probably force them into saying something. So hope they are ready to stand strong.

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