Monday, 15 May 2017

Australian Cricketers threaten Strike Action which could affect Ashes 2017/18

I think with all the antics of the various cricket boards and lately the BCCI the Cricketing public get used to these dramas which end up as cry wolf situations. The storm brews up, blows over and its always "alright on the night." 

Well here is another one, the Australian Cricket team are all ready for strike action from 30th June, virtually straight after the Champions Trophy. However  are we expected to believe that this will not be resolved by November and will effect the Ashes, well that's pretty hard to believe now isn't it?  That is what is being reported in the Australian press however. If nothing else it will of course quite quickly put pressure on both sides to at least talk. 

So it goes back to March 2017 when Cricket Australia (CA) offered a quite large salary increase however it did not include a percentage of the CA's revenue. The offer was rejected by the Australian Cricket Association (ACA) and at the moment both sides are not budging. The CA have said that unless contracts are signed then the players will not be paid after 30th June.

The players have taken to twitter using  #fairshare but I still think that at some stage a compromise will be met.  The push will however come to shove when Australia are due to play a two test series against Bangladesh in August. The Ladies also involved will be paid until the end of the Women's World Cup in England in July, so it should not effect this competition.

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