Friday, 5 May 2017

All Live Women's Cricket World Cup in England 24th June to 23rd July 2017

All Live Women's Cricket World Cup in England 24th June to 23rd July 2017
Women's World Cup England 24th June to 23rd July 2017

Every game in this years Women's World Cup will be shown on live streaming or live TV (see below) that will be held in five venues in England from 24th June to 23rd July 2017. The five venues are Bristol Derby Leicester and Taunton with the final at Lords. In a surprise announcement by the ICC they have doubled the prize money for the competition from one million USD to two Million USD making it by far the most money ever being played for by the women.
More good news is that ticket sales that are very reasonably priced for the group games at just £10 for Adults £5 for Students age 17 to 23 and £2 for 16 and under have been pretty good, and exceptionally good for the opening game and the final. You can buy tickets online on the ICC website or from the County ticket office hosting the game. 
Over 10,000 have been sold for the final and it is being reported that the opening game is sold out or virtually sold out between England and India. That really surprised me when I heard that. There are of course plenty of tickets on sale for all other games and it is hoped that plenty of young girls will get inspired and take up Cricket from this festival of sport to be held this summer, as the women's game goes from strength to strength. BBC Radio Five Live will also be covering the competition. 
Fixtures in Full 
Blue Font Live Streaming
Red Font Live on Sky
24 England v India, Derby
24 New Zealand v Sri Lanka, Bristol
25 Pakistan v South Africa, Leicester
26 Australia v West Indies, Taunton
27 England v Pakistan, Leicester
28 South Africa v New Zealand, Derby
29 West Indies v India, Taunton
29 Sri Lanka v Australia, Bristol
2 England v Sri Lanka, Taunton
2 Australia v New Zealand, Bristol
2 India v Pakistan, Derby
2 South Africa v West Indies, Leicester
5 England v South Africa, Bristol
5 Sri Lanka v India, Derby
5 Pakistan v Australia, Leicester
6 New Zealand v West Indies, Taunton
8 New Zealand v Pakistan, Taunton
8 South Africa v India, Leicester
9 England v Australia, Bristol
9 West Indies v Sri Lanka, Derby
11 West Indies v Pakistan, Leicester
12 Sri Lanka v South Africa, Taunton
12 Australia v India, Bristol
12 England v New Zealand, Derby
15 South Africa v Australia, Taunton
15 England v West Indies, Bristol
15 India v New Zealand, Derby
15 Pakistan v Sri Lanka, Leicester
18 First semi Bristol
20 Second semi Derby
23 Final Lord's

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