Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Then there were TWO As Essex join Middlesex to Vote against new T20 competition

Then there were TWO As Essex join Middlesex to Vote against new T20 competition
Essex Cricket Club have said today that they intend to vote against the forthcoming changes that the ECB purpose. The rules need to be altered to allow the ECB to take away the rights of all 18 counties to play in the new competition. The ECB can then go ahead and create 8 new teams. 

Essentially in the Vote the ECB need 21 of the 41 votes to win the motion. We also know that Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Somerset, Sussex Worcestershire and Yorkshire have said they will back it. Other counties are yet to make their vote known, but Glamorgan Hampshire and Warwickshire would seem by their media coverage to be in favour also. So at the moment you could probably say the loss of 2 votes is not catastrophic to the ECB plans. But it is quite significant nevertheless

It is a spilt in Cricket that is dividing counties, media, and fans, some seeing the financial benefits that the competition will generate through TV revenue, but others happy with what is on offer and are very resistant indeed to this major change. It is Cricket's Brexit no doubt about that, and the new competition if it does go ahead is going to have to work very hard to win people over, and we know for certain there are Cricket fans who don't watch T20 Cricket so they are hardly likely to back this. But we also see around the world big crowds at the T20 competitions, but we know all this. It is down to the 41 members to vote now.

Incidentally the 41 member votes are 18 first class counties, 21 recreational boards, the Minor Counties Cricket Association and MCC owners. 

Essex have not said a great deal in their statement, apart from the need to protect the County Championship One day Cup  and T20 Competition. They also said that they feel the new changes would reduce opportunities that Essex already provide. 

Final Vote 38 voted in favour just 3 voted against Kent being the third County. 

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