Wednesday, 12 April 2017

New ECB Law Changes to be introduced from 1st Oct 2017 Break New Rule 42 and you could be OFF!

The new laws of Cricket were agreed by the ECB and it see's quite a lot of changes that will come into force from 1st October 2017. Some of the laws we might notice more than others. Some we won't even notice at all.

But, there is one massive change that we certainly will notice if it is used, or should I say.... when it is used. 

Right at the bottom of the law changes is the brand new Law, Law 42."Designed to provide the umpires with appropriate on field sanctions to deal with deteriorating levels of behavior"

Law 42 Will have 4 levels of Sanction (Level 4 being the most serious) and they are

Level 1: Warning then 5 penalty runs to the opposition for a repeat offence. 

Level 2: 5 Penalty runs to the opposition.

Level 3: Offending player is suspended for a number of overs, depending on the length of the match, plus 5 Penalty runs to the opposition. 

Level 4: Offending player is removed from the field for the rest of the match, plus 5 Penalty runs to the opposition. 

All breaches, including the first offence under Level 1, will attract a report to the Executive of the Team(s) and the Governing Body. 

The umpires will have new signals for each offence and will not be using the red and yellow card systems. 

For all offences under Level 1-4, the umpire will call Time and summon the relevant captain, who will be informed of the breach of Law and the associated penalty. If appropriate, the umpire will instruct the captain to remove the offending player from the field

Here is a link to the FULL ECB rule changes in PDF

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