Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Shame on BCCI as they treat the ICC Champions Trophy with utter contempt

With the Champions Trophy in England just 5 weeks away, true to form BCCI who control the Indian Cricket team are having an argument with someone. This time it is with the ICC and it is very very simple. It is over the split of money that the BCCI receive from the large pot.

They were receiving the massive total of 579 Million USD the ICC proposals mean that would drop to 290 Million USD. They have since been offered a further 100 Million, that has been flatly rejected, and that is the position as it stands.

The BCCI say that their squad is stable and 14 or 15 names are known. In what seems to me a very blase attitude Vikram Limaye of the BCCI said "Tell me one thing if we name the squad say for example on May 5th will ICC bar us from competition. We have a settled squad and naming it is a mere formality" 

Well I say if it is a formality, then name it, and do the honor of treating the competition being held in England in June 2017 with a bit of respect. 

All the other squads were announced on time, the question is, are the public as bothered about this as the ICC seem to be, I don't think they are, and West Indies or Ireland would be very well received by the English public if they were able to step in. This could see the Indian Cricket team out on a limb with no friends to play with, or will the ICC pay up? 


The full member boards have now voted the new financial structure and voted 13-1 in favour of it. No guesses for who voted against. So the BCCI will now receive half of what they wanted just 293 Million USD, in the end they did not even get the extra 100 Million which they rejected.

So the question is will the India Cricket Board (BCCI) except this decision and get on and name their squad, or will they continue to use it as a pawn and hold it up even further in protest. Losing the vote so comprehensively has definitely made their hand weaker. 

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