Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Telegraph Fantasy Cricket just about to start for 2017 join our FISO League now

Telegraph Fantasy Cricket just about to start for 2017 join our FISO League now
Now I have more time to watch and listen to Cricket I really enjoy expanding that experience so, as well as this blog I also enjoy Fantasy Cricket that runs alongside the real thing. 

Different formats of Cricket has brought about different formats of Fantasy Cricket over the years. There is however one game in particular that has stood the test of time and is about to re-start for the 2017 season and that is the Telegraph Fantasy Cricket, or better known simply as TFC. 

On the Fiso Cricket Forum are experts who have won the competition, and plenty that been playing a long time. There are also local experts from around the country who follow different counties and often have little snippets of information that don't always make the headlines. Generally its full of Cricket lovers who enjoy playing TFC.

I try and pitch in my help with my fixture spreadsheet the fixture sequence can of course be very important. I will often check out the weather as well and have my beloved rain radar going full speed every morning during the Cricket season. As I play a weekly competition the weather is more important as I can hopefully dodge the worst of any rain. Not so important for a season long competition, as you cannot afford to keep making transfers on that basis, but definitely part of the weekly.

All in all its quite a mass of information and therefore its no surprise that the winners are often members, and the FISO league usually wins the league of league prize. Its not a huge at £200 which is shared among the top 5, but the prestige is about as high as you can get, English County Cricket Fantasy wise anyway.

So TFC has stood the test of time, it is not easy getting a Fantasy Game that needs a certain amount of work to keep it interesting and one you can fiddle around with, but also not too much that you have to check it every single day. Not everyone has that amount of time. But some players do, and so they have alongside the season long tournament a weekly tournament that I love playing. There are also other cup style competitions that run during the season as well. 

If you have read this far, then I am pretty certain you will already know a certain amount about Fantasy Sports games already, this is just a reminder that it is starting on 7th April and if you want to be part of the FISO league then join up and get the code, I won't give it direct as you must be a member of FISO to join the league, it is however 100% free. (You can then purchase your TFC Credits on the Daily Telegraph website)  If you are a sports fan, it is a mass of information and well worth joining.

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