Wednesday, 11 January 2017

The big bash has lost the plot confirmed suspension of Brendon McCullum

Please someone tell me this is a joke right? Brisbane Heat took 96 minutes to bowl their 20 overs in their match today against Perth Scorchers which is six, I will say it again SIX minutes over the allowed 90 minutes, and the result could be a suspension to captain Brendon McCullum one of the fastest and most dynamic batsman in cricket today. He could be suspended for one game. 

This is now pending with the authorities. They are totting up allowances and no doubt glancing at the media reaction before a decision soon. Brisbane Heat were previously fined on December 30th for a slow over rate when the 20 overs took just over 5 minutes and so rules state that the 2nd offence it is a one match suspension for the Captain. 
Now confirmed he will miss game on 17th Jan at the MCG against Melbourne Stars. In addition to the suspension all the Heat players will be fined $500 which has been reduced from $1000 because Brisbane are not going to contest the penalties.

So what a pickle they find themselves in again. If this happens then it will be a massive kick in the teeth for the any fans who have bought tickets to watch him play and already without Chris Lynn. Not to mention all those around the world that have PAID to watch it as well. Your rules quite honestly are wrong, they need adjusting to something more sensible.

The Big Bash is reeling with the loss of the top Australian players, gone on International duty, No Indians, most of the top English players have gone. South Africa, Bangladesh New Zealand and Sri Lanka all not available.

Also, this comes soon after the terrible decision to charge and fine another overseas Captain this time South African Faf du Plessis in "Mintgate" another very controversial decision. Come on Australia we want to see these players playing, you have got to look at your rules, and your interpretation of them at the moment,  because it's not coming across well at all.

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