Thursday, 19 January 2017

Pioneer to Women's Cricket Baroness Rachael Heyhoe Flint dies aged 77

Cricket stands to acknowledge the massive achievement of one of the greatest women's cricketers of her time. She captained England from 1966 in a brilliant career. She actually played for England from 1960 for 22 years and was Captain for 12. 

She was actually a huge part of the process of bringing the very first ever Women's Cricket World Cup in 1973 to the field. Amazing to remember it was played two years before the Men's World Cup. Rachael even captained England to win that very first competition. 

After her career she became the 1st female member of the MCC in 2004 and the 1st player to be inducted in the ICC's Women's Cricket Hall of fame in 2010. She was 1st at everything, and to prove that she was even the 1st women to hit a six in a test match!

Her other passion was football and her hometown club of Wolverhampton Wanderers were she worked on the board for many years before becoming Vice President. She was a goalkeeper for England at Hockey (in the days when Cricketers often played other sports in the winter) and she was even a single handicapped golfer. 

She was honored with an OBE in 2008 and made a life peer and the title of Baroness in 2011. Also that same year she was given the freedom of Wolverhampton. She worked tirelessly for Women's Cricket and all the sports and charities that she was involved in. President of the Ladies Taverners she raised millions of pounds, she was involved in particular helping those with special needs. A simply amazing lady who's influence will be remembered and cherished always.

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