Sunday, 15 January 2017

Is there a Storm brewing as ECB get ready to call just Morgan back from IPL to play for England

Feroz Shah Stadium Delhi
Feroz Shah Stadium Delhi 
With the IPL just a few weeks away, the draft pick is due to take place on 4th February 2017. So then it's only correct for the ECB to get the rules in place so the players can make commitments and sign contracts. So what's the problem then?  

The IPL is due to take place between the 3rd April until 26th May 2017. England have two ODI games against Ireland on May 5th Bristol and May 7th Lords.  The ECB have already ruled that those picked must be back by May 1st, So its virtually slap bang in the middle of the IPL tournament. 

It has to be also noted that the England Cricket season starts on April 7th and nearly the whole month of May is dedicated to the London One Day Cup with most teams playing six games, players would probably miss 2 or 3 of those because of the England games, but not all six. Is that relevant? Perhaps not, but more players will be drawn into this. 

Players that are likely to be affected if picked are Morgan, Buttler, Billings, Stokes, Hales and Roy with Joe Root not taking part due to his new born son. Buttler and Billings have been retained by Mumbai Indians and Delhi Daredevils respectively. Stokes Hales and Roy have no contract as it stands today. Clearly if they were called back their chances of getting a deal would be greatly effected, and so they are expected to be cleared to play for the whole tournament. 

Morgan is a different story apparently, he has not been retained by any team and has experience of seven IPL seasons with three different franchises. So with the games being against his native Ireland it is being reported that he will be asked to return by May 1st.

This is quite an awkward situation again, England can still field an excellent team for the two ODI's but that means calling more players from their counties because "1st picks" are unavailable. A chance I am sure the other players will jump at. The likes of Vince, Ball, Woakes and Duckett won't be bothered. 

Ben Stokes has quite rightly already said, if we are required to play for England then so be it. 

Its a bit of no win situation in effect because the experience of playing in the IPL is impossible to calculate, the heat, the pressure, the crowds, are a one off, it is in my view they should be allowed to play in the IPL. I am sure lots of people will hold the other view, get your arse back and play for your country. But also if its ok for one, it should be ok for them all surely?

Is it fair to drag one back and not the others? Well not really. Will Morgan get picked anyway? Well he is very popular indeed in India, but doubt he will be picked if he has to disappear to play for England. Interesting, storm a brewing or is it all in a tea cup? 

After Bangladesh gate can Morgan say No again, does he want to say No. Can he make a correct decision before 4th Feb, if he say's No and does not get picked.....Whoops. 

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