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Australia v England Ashes Winter Tour dates 2017 2018

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Australia will host the Ashes series in 2017/18 and it all starts on November 23rd in Brisbane

England will play the 1st Test of the Ashes in Brisbane starting on 23rd Nov 2017

The 2nd test in Adelaide starting on 2nd Dec 2017 will be a day/night game, and like it or lump it, it will make watching it a lot easier back in UK with play going on until perhaps just after 9pm in Adelaide which is almost 11am in London. 

A new stadium is being built in Perth which will hold up to 60,000 spectators, if it is not ready in time, then the 15,000 capacity WACA will be the venue as normal. Now it is confirmed the new stadium will not be ready and the 3rd test will definitely be held at the WACA

Following that the usual Boxing Day start for Melbourne then on to Sydney for the New Year final test. 

Here is the full fixture itinerary

1st Test Nov 23rd - 27th  Brisbane
2nd Test Dec 2nd - 6th  Adelaide Day/Night
3rd Test Dec 13th - 18th Perth
4th Test Dec 26th - 30th Melbourne
5th Test Jan 4th - 8th Sydney 

1st ODI 14th Jan Melbourne
2nd ODI 19th Jan Brisbane
3rd ODI 21st Jan Sydney
4th ODI 26th Jan Adelaide
5th ODI 28th Jan Perth

Followed by a Tri Series T20 tournament 3rd to 18th February 2018 including New Zealand with some fixtures being played in New Zealand. 

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