Tuesday, 22 November 2016

South African Captain Faf Du Plessis found guilty of ball tampering in 2nd Test

Well after a long 3 hour hearing the Proteas skipper has been found guilty by the ICC of breach of law 42.3. Which basically is ball tampering. This has been strongly denied by the South African team and Du Plessis pleaded not guilty. He has 48 hours to appeal.

In finding him guilty the South African captain was fined all of his match fee. One option that was available was to suspend the player for the next test match, but they have not gone that far. 

This now I think opens up a can of worms and it is certainly created a hostile atmosphere for the 3rd Test which starts on Thursday 24th November (Note this is day/night test match and starts at 3.30am each day on BT Sport) Australia making six changes after a crushing defeat.

There has been some pushing and shoving of journalists by South African security in the last 24 hours and it is just emphasising the tension that has been created. Being found guilty is certainly to raise that another notch. 

What does this all mean for long term Cricket, well probably not a lot, and the message I would have thought is, Don't Get Caught. Its wrong, it does go on, its impossible to police, so just be aware if you get caught, you should now be charged. But we do now need clarification from the ICC and I suggest that any statement is not going to be very difficult indeed to clarify this predicament that they had dug themselves into. 

23rd Nov 2016

Faf du Plessis has just attended a very open press conference which he says

Quote Yesterday was the hearing and the verdict was that I was guilty. I completely disagree with that. I felt like I have done nothing wrong. There's two was of looking at it, either ball shining or ball tampering. For me if you talk about ball tampering its picking up the ball and scratching the ball.

Shining is something that all cricketers would say is not in that same space. It is something that all cricketers do and I think there will be a lot of emphasis after this incident on were the game is going, what the ICC is going to do about it. 

I don't believe shining is wrong, its not like I was trying to cheat or anything, I was shining the ball and I don't see a problem in that The ex players have spoken about it and its part of our game it's an unwritten rule, some people use sunblock to shine the ball, I know of people who carry lip-ice in their pocket and the shine the ball. So many different things its just so difficult to say what is right or wrong Unquote

Back to the ICC I think, because this situation now cannot be left like this. 

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