Monday, 28 November 2016

Full English County Cricket Fixture List Spreadsheet 2017

Google Spreadsheet with full Cricket 2017 Fixtures

(Might take a few seconds to load, but it will)

Well I have to say well done to the powers that be for the massive improvement on the Cricket Fixtures from last years mish mash. While I dare say this won't suit everyone, overall it looks about as good as it gets. 

Of course the major change is that there are just 8 teams in Div One and 10 teams in Div Two. Which is a pretty controversial move as it means Div One season ticket holders will of course be getting one less game at home, and another away game as well. What this has meant is that the fixtures overall are much more even, and every team can play on the same day. But I doubt that is much of a consolation to those supporters losing a game. But for Fantasy Cricket player (the main reason for the spreadsheet) I can tell you having every team playing on one day, and the same day, is a dream come true.

Another improvement is that the absurd late finish at 9pm after a T20 fixture and then expected to start at 11am the following day in a championship game.......200 miles away! They have all gone. Much improved with that issue.

Its an early start to the season with 3 fixtures from both Divisions on 7th April, this is then followed by 2 more rounds of County Championship games where every team plays, there is the novelty right there. Also included is a full round of games starting on Good Friday, which is a huge improvement. And not playing over Easter was one of my pet hates. That has been well and truly sorted out.

Then the last week in April and for three weeks in May the London Cup plays all the group games with very little interruption. Early in the season, yes, but you can't have everything. To play them altogether this really is the only time. May is completed with a further two rounds of 4 day Cricket.

June sees the start of the International Tournament the Champions Trophy and County Cricket has two rounds of County games followed by London Cup Quarter Finals and Semi's. Then after one more round at the end of June every team will take part in a Day/Night Fixture. So again nice and easy to administer every team sampling the pink ball. 

July has one further round of county cricket and then a break for T20 x 14 fixtures over six weeks with just the one championship game squeezed in near the end. There is a window of 9 days break in August except for those 8 teams who have made it to the T20 quarter finals but they will only play one T20 game. So it is in effect a decent break.  

Then its the final push to finish off the county championship with one game at the end of August and up to four games in September. T20 Finals day is on the 2nd September.

So it all makes much more sense. Here is my spreadsheet, it is updated as there are often one or two changes, so be careful if you take a snapshot. There are quite a few other sporting events added as well. 

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