Friday, 4 November 2016

Bumbling Indian Bureaucracy Strikes again as ECB requested to pay own Indian Expenses

Nothing should come as a surprise on the eve of any Indian Tournament or Test Series. With the 1st Test just 5 days away the BCCI have written to the ECB with what must be complete embarrassment at having to admit that due to a previous court order placed by the Lodha Committee (whom I am completely sick of hearing about) the BCCI cannot pay for England's Hotel's Travel and other expenses.

A BCCI official is being reported as saying "Its up to the ECB if they wish to continue the tour"

Broken seats at the World Cup
True to form the BCCI have again got a last minute drama that just takes the edge of what should be a good experience, visiting India. 

The night before the England v Afghanistan game at the T20 World cup all those with tickets for the South Stand including myself received an email to say that our stand that we had tickets for was now closed. Why the night before? Bumbling Indian Bureaucracy.

We had to run around getting tickets on the day of the game, (that were not officially on sale) no help, no information, it was a complete and utter disaster. This was of course after months and months of speculation about the location of the game, would they use the Feroz Shah Stadium or not. Would we have to change our flights or not? Well we only found that out 3 days before.

Its just another example, there are plenty more, this is an ongoing problem, it should not be happening. The very recent tour by New Zealand was thrown up in the air mid tour, with this very same problem.

BCCI you are a complete embarrassment to Cricket and this is just another terrible example of your complete bumbling bureaucracy and to say you couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery is an insult to piss up's. 

Here is the cap in hand letter from the BCCI to the ECB and I only hope the ECB tell the BCCI to get stuffed! The great Indian people deserve better than you.

Dear Phil, (Phil Neale ECB Secretary) I warmly welcome you for the upcoming cricket series. I am however at great pains to inform you that the BCCI is at present not in a position to execute the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) between the Indian Cricket Board and the ECB. 

This is due to restrictions on execution of contracts imposed on the BCCI by a court order. Certain courtesies such as hotel, travel and various other arrangements have been extended to you on arrival in India. However, till the MoU is executed the BCCI is not in a position to commit to paying for the same. Please make arrangements to remit such payments. 

The BCCI will inform you as and when further instructions are received by the BCCI from the Lodha Committee. I apologise on behalf of the BCCI for the inconvenience that is being caused.


“The ECB has expressed full confidence that the BCCI will honour its commitment in future and agreed to meet the expenses of the team that are of immediate need. The ECB official has also acknowledged that the BCCI is the richest cricket body in the world and never defaulted on payments in the past. Further, the ECB has agreed for a future reimbursement of all the expenses incurred during the tour,” Shirke revealed.


  1. An MoU is not a contract. It's nothing more than a gentleman's agreement.
    I fear there is only one gentleman in the room...

  2. Is the BCCI in a position to accept all the money paid out for broadcasting rights? Thought so. What a nice position to be in, money coming in is OK but unable to spend anything.

  3. This is a willful misreading of the Lodha Committee rulings by the BCCI. The Committee has only stopped the BCCI from making payments that directly or indirectly benefit Board members, not normal tour expenses. It's part of the BCCI's stalling tactics on attempts to clean up Indian cricket.