Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Cook's Merry Men for India 2016 sadly Jimmy Anderson not included

First ever Test Match Rajkot Saurashkra India
England name the same squad that is currently touring in Bangladesh to continue to India for the Five Test Matches that start in Rajkot on the 8th November 2016. An early start time in India (due to light) of 9.30am will mean a very early 5am start for Friday and Saturday and then 4am once the clocks go back on Sunday. 

Unfortunately Jimmy Anderson will not be joining them for the start, his shoulder injury is still a problem it's therefore quite possible that he may miss the whole tour. At the moment they are hoping he can still fly out and join them at some point. This is a difficult time for Jimmy and at age 34 you have to start wondering how many more games will he play for England. Clearly not that many. It is however being reported that Anderson is now training indoors in England so all we can do is wait and see if he is considered fit enough.

Listening to Alistair Cook after the 1st Test it was obvious he was preparing the way for the media to be ready for changes to the team for the 2nd Test. It was abundantly clear the thought process was that the management wants as many players as possible to get match time in the heat and humidity of this part of Asia. Some have not played for a while, and that isn't the way this squad was designed, it was designed to be very flexible with all 16 players getting involved, with the Test Matches coming thick and fast.

Now it isn't completely impossible for all 5 of the players that did not play in the 1st Test that are on tour, to get a game. They are Ansari, Ball, Buttler, Hameed, Finn, now that would be pretty unlikely. But it's not impossible. They are all good enough in my opinion and they need to be match ready. My guess would be 2 or 3 to play. hAnsari and Finn have indeed been chosen. 

There are also rumours flying around that England might play 4 spinners, they will be assessing the pitch today to make that decision. If that was the decision then there might just be two changes. It is also expected that Duckett will get the nod again. The question is of course will Vince play, it is expected that he won't. But not confimed yet. Well confirmed now that he will play, lot of pressure hope it works out for him, but fair play to England for giving him every chance.

I don't think anyone that does not play in the 2nd Test should feel unwanted or rejected, this is a grueling schedule and more of a squad team then perhaps ever before. England need to be flexible and just as important ready to play, so hopefully making tough decisions now will pay off later. 

So England's test touring side to go to India 2016 is 

 Captain Cook
Anderson now joining squad could play in 2nd Test

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