Monday, 11 July 2016

Essex have plans to host T20 games at Olympic Stadium from 2018

Essex have plans to host T20 games at Olympic Stadium from 2018
Olympic Stadium
Essex Cricket Club are hoping that their long term talks to hold a two week Cricket festival at the Olympic stadium will soon be agreed. This would mean a practice T20 game in 2017. Then a full two week festival in 2018 and the plan is to hold two or three T20 games. Along side this would be a womens game and also "recreational" cricket. Also the possibility of an England match some time in the future. The practicality of assembling a drop in pitch slap bang in the middle of West Ham's new ground has yet to be agreed in full.

Essex of course had a failed bid to become full tenants in 2010, so this is something that have aspired to do for some time, and by the looks of things have never given up hope. They will ultimately find out a lot about the reach and pulling power of Cricket in a super sized stadium, and I think an interesting move and am also pretty sure that a two week festival would be popular, as they clearly have thought about this for some time. I don't think holding Cricket in large stadiums like this is however something I like as a rule, but don't see much harm in project like this.

Cricket in Australia is different, they have half a dozen main cities and they can from time to time fill huge stadiums, and do get massive crowds (even if not full) to their Big Bash. Cricket in India is also different of course, their night games are held on hot barmy evenings, and the cost of tickets are extremely cheap.

Cricket in England is for most, about watching it on a lovely summers day (I know I know) in a picturesque ground or stadium enjoying the sound of willow hitting the ball. It is different, but it is different for a reason. Do we really want to watch Cricket in the Olympic Stadium?

Well looks like we are going to find out. But don't mock it too much because the plan is aimed at having local derby games played here, with games against Middlesex and Surrey (for instance) and no doubt they would create interest, and with good marketing and for a couple of games, could quite well fill the stadium. Am I hopelessly off the mark? What do you think?

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