Friday, 10 June 2016

Venues but no dates announced for England tour of India 2016/17

Rajkot Cricket Ground Home of the Gujarat Lions
Well the jigsaw is coming together, but far too slowly for me. Yesterday the Indian Press seemed chuffed to bits to print that the BCCI had announced some spinning tracks for the Five India v England test matches to be played in November and December 2016.

Unfortunately having the venues but no dates is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard to English fans trying to book this up. Questions still not answered so they can book time off from work. Into which City to book a flight for the first or subsequent Tests? Hotels, well that's all impossible to do of course. Yes you can book some of these things later. But, also people intending to travel are on budgets and knowing if they can fit in perhaps two or three tests is all part of the planning. Without the dates you can do nothing.

The trust has gone I am afraid, some fans will of course still travel, and will have a great time, but others have already given up. It is a shame, because organising the venues should have been done six months ago. We have had the debacle in 2011 when the Eden Gardens ODI was moved to Bangalore. More recently just this year we have had the on/off stress of the World Cup T20 fixtures in Delhi. Having to check daily for months for the latest information. That together with the sale of tickets to a stand that was closed for the first match of two games. Some supporters being told by email the night before the game. We (the fans) had to run around to get tickets for other parts of the ground. Getting told consistently that no tickets would be on sale, only to turn up on the day and go to make shift ticket office and literally see thousands of tickets all unsold. Then of course the stand was reopened for the 2nd game, we all had bought different tickets by then. Disgraceful treatment of fans, no apologies, so of course it won't be forgotten. But yet again we have no dates for these up and coming Tests Matches. 

This news comes of course a week after the ICC announced dates and venues one year in advance of the Champions Trophy in England, June 2017.

So anyway the venues are Mohali Rajkot Mumbai Viskhhapatnam and Chennai. The ODI's after Christmas will be in Pune Cuttack Kolkata T20's Bangalore, Nagpur and Kanpur.

Well some interesting places to visit if you do stick with this and make the trip. You should be aware Rajkot is in dry state of Gujarat and alcohol is very difficult to get hold of, and expensive when/if you do. Whole 7 pages here on Trip advisor about it.

Come on BCCI please give the fans the dates.


  1. from

    Honorary Secretary of the BCCI Mr. Ajay Shirke said, “Some of the best teams of world cricket are coming to play in India this season and we are excited to announce the schedule well ahead of time."

    well ahead?

  2. Completely agree with everything you've said. Haven't booked a summer hols in anticipation of our first overseas tour at Christmas. Kids beside themselves with excitement. And still no dates. If it was just us adults going we'd take the risk and book a flight to anywhere in India and make our way to wherever the action is. But not with a 10 and 12 year old in tow, and not over Christmas. We're leaving it 2 more weeks before our savings are spent on a summer holiday instead.

  3. Do you know I love India but I won't be going. BCCI bunch of idiots so spending my money on a haircut instead

  4. We've given up now and booked a summer holiday instead. The date for the announcement kept slipping with no comms from the BCCI or ECB. Kids are really disappointed but we weren't going to take the risk. BCCI seem a complete shambles.

    1. That's a shame, it is very hard work trying to watch England In India, we had so many problems for the World Cup. Not sure if the weather will be perfect in the Autumn either as best time is Spring. It can't be that hard to get the fixtures out with just 4 months to go. They really are a shambles, that I have no doubts about at all. The Indian people all think the same, they know they are being let down, and they deserve better as well. They were brilliant to us when we went in Feb. Thanks for your comment, hope you have a great holiday.