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Cricket Champions Trophy Fixture List England June 2017

A Bag of Balls
A Bag of Balls
The draw for the Champions Trophy has taken place, for the competition that will be played in England in June 2017. The trophy is played for by the top EIGHT teams that are on the ODI ICC rankings on 3oth September 2015.

Sadly this does mean that neither West Indies or Zimbabwe will be taking part.

The games will be played at just three venues The Oval, Edgbaston and Cardiff, tickets will be sold after a ballot which will be held during the whole month of September 2016.  It is not first come first served so you have plenty of time to register.  Adult Ticket prices for the group games are in three categories £80 £60 and £40. Unsold tickets will go on general sale at the end of October.

What has raised some eyebrows, perhaps not with great surprise though is that the ICC Chief Executive Dave Richardson has admitted that the drawing of the groups favours putting India and Pakistan together, they have been grouped together for the past five tournaments. He said

"What we try and do is when you add up the rankings of the different groups is that they all add up to the same points. You can do that in a number of ways zigzag you can go sort of like a snake. No doubt we want to try and put India and Pakistan in our event its massive around the world. Its probably no coincidence that the two end up in the same group"

So which ever method they used rock paper scissors, eenie meeny miny moe or just the good old ICC method this is what they came up with

Group A England Australia New Zealand Bangladesh
Group B India Pakistan Sri Lanka South Africa 

The fixtures are 
  • June 1 - Eng v Ban, The Oval
  • June 2 - Aus v NZ, Edgbaston
  • June 3 - SL v SA, The Oval
  • June 4 - Ind v Pak, Edgbaston
  • June 5 - Aus v Ban, The Oval
  • June 6 - Eng v NZ, Cardiff
  • June 7 - Pak v SA, Edgbaston
  • June 8 - Ind v SL, The Oval
  • June 9 - NZ v Ban, Cardiff
  • June 10 - Eng v Aus, Edgbaston
  • June 11 - Ind v SA, The Oval
  • June 12 - SL v Pak, Cardiff
  • June 14 - Semi-final (A1 v B2), Cardiff
  • June 15 - Semi-final (A2 v B1), Edgbaston
  • June 18 - Final, The Oval
  • June 19 - Reserve day

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