Monday, 27 June 2016

Are England Cricket Selectors using Summer 2016 to its full potential?

Forgive me if I have got this all wrong, but isn't Test Cricket about

A) Winning every Test Series
B) Winning the Ashes.

That's about it isn't it? That's all there is too it. Simple. But I think we can achieve "A" much better than what we are doing now, AND put us in a much better position to achieve B. Or if that is still a bit far off to worry about, then beating India in India again.

I just don't think we are trying out enough younger players in the England 1st XI this summer. England had originally seven Test Matches against Sri Lanka and Pakistan  I think we could/should have capped at least four new players. We have enough experienced players in the side to be able to still achieve the aim. You can't buy experience of a Test Match without playing, it is unique, the whole thing is far bigger than anything else in Cricket. Lets give more players a chance to do that.

Times have moved on we have a whole lot of exciting very good Cricketers. They are no longer aged 18,19,20 they are 23 24 25 years of age. So time is drifting by and it would be a great shame if some of them in this age band in particular were not given this fantastic opportunity.

This would be my team to play Pakistan in the first two tests with others lining up to have a go in the 3rd and 4th. I know it won't be the team, they will play safe, again, and Vince will play at three. Stokes might play, hopefully not too soon after injury. Stokes is a brilliant player, I just think this is another great chance to maybe give Borthwick a game and let Ben Stokes have a bit more chance to get back to 100% fitness. Woakes has done very well also and he must be in the picture for the winter tour.

Northeast  (For Compton)
Buttler WK (For Vince)
Ball (For Anderson)
12th Borthwick 

Points for the future.

Rotate Broad Anderson Finn, resting one, and playing an uncapped (or less experienced) bowler for a couple of tests, such as the one of the Overton twins or Gurney (not forgetting Wood when he is fit again) Plunkett has to come into the frame as well after his excellent bowling in the ODI's last week. 

Rotate Ali and Rashid. Its not perfect but I can't see how you compromise the side by playing either one. I put them on a par myself. 

If Buttler is picked to play, and that would seem to be the case if rumours are to believed another player that needs a chance is Sam Billings, I think he has the makings of a good captain, so we need to get him in the side for a couple of games, difficult perhaps to play them both, but we have enough games coming up to at least give Sam a chance.

Rotate Borthwick Woakes and Stokes so they are all ready to play. Borthwick has not been given a chance yet. That is a mistake.

Players that have been given a chance, could be worth another one, Robson, Lyth to mention just two. There are others....I hear you.

I think we need a nucleus of 18 players, that can all be called upon with experience, we can't do that now without going back in time. I am sure the viewing public, the England fans, would enjoy watching some of these younger players being given a chance. But we seem to be in danger of letting all these Tests go drifting by without experimenting and not learning a great deal. Just to add I have nothing against the very good team we have playing, it is a good side, but we can make it better, so come on lets shake it up a bit. What do you think?

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