Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Superb Live Streaming from Glamorgan Cricket Deeserve and BBC

LIVE HD Championship Cricket
Live on my Laptop 
If you enjoy listening to the radio to championship cricket because you find it's impossible for you to find time to go and watch all day, then technology has moved on by quite a big step this week. The company Deeserve in conjunction with Glamorgan website and the BBC have come up with a solution for you to watch online in HD together in perfect sync with the commentary.

Last season we saw the first feed from Trent Bridge unfortunately it was not synchronised so not really that impressive. However this season the first match from Cardiff which is Glamorgan v Leicestershire  they have produced both. I have to say it is absolutely superb. Its strange because the feed is only one camera and one end, but it enhances the commentary so much that doesn't matter. The picture is in HD and it is very clear indeed, which of course helps.

How far will this go? I do not know, but I can only say lets hope its a lot further, or I will have to start supporting Glamorgan! Ha Seriously well done Glamorgan. The commentators have by the sounds of things been receiving lots of great feedback all week and it is certainly got to be the way ahead.

Lets get the interest in county championship cricket back, there are some great games, just not enough good coverage apart from the radio, and this is a glimmer of hope for those that enjoy watching but are unable to get to games for whatever reason. Good luck to Deeserve and I hope they can expand coverage around the country. The straight free link is on the left hand side of this blog.

Glamorgan will stream all six of their championship matches at home this season after this one comes

May 8th V Worcestershire
May 22nd V Essex
June 19th V Kent
August 23rd V Sussex
September 6th V Glos

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