Thursday, 21 April 2016

Pink ball fever spreads to India who will play New Zealand in a Day Night Test Match

Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium Delhi
Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium Delhi
India have just announced that they will play a day night test match with the pink ball against New Zealand "later this year" Before the test match there is also the Duleep ODI Trophy where they will try out the kookaburra pink ball to see how it reacts to the conditions and lights.

Having just returned from the Cricket World Cup I can sympathise with them actually trying this. The heat in the day (nearly 100 degrees) makes playing and spectator conditions difficult, more of a trial than fun. Alright for a 3 hour 20/20 game perhaps, sitting in the shade, but I would certainly not enjoy 7 hours for a test match.

Delhi is being tipped as the location as they don't have such a dew problem as other places further south, that is something that would be a problem. The Delhi stadium is not in good condition it has to be said, broken seats all over the place. It is not surprising that attendances are going down. Also Indian's cannot afford to take time off to watch cricket all day long. So having at least part of it in the evening would I expect help with that. A good idea for perhaps one test match per series.

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